Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Countdown Part 5

16 hour workday today, so not much time for posting. A busy weekend planned as well, but I should at least have a few minutes to post something a little bit more substantial. For now, here's the most compelling video proof I've ever seen for the existence of ghosts. The most convincing footage comes at about the :34 mark. Chilling.

My horror progress after the video.

Last night Amber and I finished out the first season of Tales From The Crypt with a three episode run. The first two episodes, Only Sin Deep and Lover Come Hack To Me are not my favorites. They both come across a bit dull, with a lot less of the campy visual flair that the series usually has. The edge goes to Only Sin Deep, though, while Lover Come Hack... never quite justifies it's existence. It's a great twist without a very good setup. The season ends strongly, though, with the taxidermy-themed Collection Completed, which is pretty much an example of the series firing on all cylinders. The visual style makes good use of it's limited budget, the writing is funny and disturbing in equal measures, delivered by a trio of top-notch character actors. Every line that M. Emmet Walsh delivers made me laugh, and I've seen this episode many times.

The story I read, still from 20th Century Ghosts, was Abraham's Boys. It had previously been published in a compilation of stories about Van Helsing, and concerned his children as they grew up in America of the early 20th century. It was good, I liked it, though I think it might be time I varied my routine. Possibly I'll pull out some of Clive Barker's Books of Blood for the next story or two.

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