Sunday, October 07, 2012

Countdown, Day 6

Had a project that kept me pretty busy today. Hopefully tomorrow, or at least within the next couple days, I'll have more to show you. For now, here's a self-pic to give you a taste of what I was doing tonight.

As for last night,  I only snuck in one movie between my two jobs. The Reptile, a 1966 film from Hammer studios. The film was pretty by-the-numbers for Hammer horror, despite having a genuinely surprising monster reveal. At least, it was surprising for me, since I saw the film on TCM and therefore hadn't been shown any of the DVD artwork which gives you a pretty explicit look at the monster.

Oh, and I just can't wait to talk about it. Here's a pic that pretty clearly shows what I was up to tonight. How's that for exciting?

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