Monday, October 01, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun

October 1st. The official start of my favorite time of the year. The weather is crisp but not too cold, the leaves are changing color(well, to be honest they've mostly finished changing by now), winter is just on the horizon, and it's getting dark at night. That last one is helpful, as it aids in the massive onslaught of movie watching I engage in.

Yes, Halloween is coming, and I intend to revel in all things scary.

Throughout the month I'll be posting updates daily about all of the horror I'm ingesting, be it music, movies, books or... other. First up today, with a brief respite between my two jobs, is a quick glance at what I'll be going through this month. I present you with, my nightstand:

This is my reading list for the month. A nightly dose of short stories and horror history. Some old favorites(obviously well loved, by the condition of their spines), and some new acquisitions. First up is 20th Century Ghosts, a short story collection from Joe Hill, son of one Stephen King. I read the first story, Best New Horror, just after midnight last night. And it was a great way to start. I was thinking of alternating books, one story at a time, but this one grabbed me and I may have to just burn through this one in a few quick bursts.

Updates to come.

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