Saturday, October 09, 2010

Our Untitled Zombie Film

About 10 years ago, hanging out with a bunch of friends I met at college, I began working on a zombie film. The film was to be a collaboration, written and starring my friends and I as characters very obviously based on ourselves. The script that I wrote came out of several late night conversations about what we would do if zombies rose to devour the living. Over the next decade I would return to the script and rewrite or revise it here and there. Friends moved, or lost touch, and the movie never got made. Until now. We're not really filming the entire movie, but I've decided I'm sick of waiting and not doing anything, and so I've gotten together those still in town and those interested and we're putting together a short trailer as a test run of the film. Today was day one of shooting, and it was a blast. Here's a few pics from the set(or, rather, my backyard). Enjoy this little teaser for the finished product, which should be completed over the next month or so.

Amber applying makeup.

Testing out a makeshift camera dolly. We eventually had to scrap the idea because the ground wasn't even enough.

My sister's friend Matthew doing one of our few actual stunts during a practice run.

A few of our featured zombies. Nathan, for one, seems to be enjoying his unlife.

Eric and I coordinating our "big action set piece" of the day.

And that's a wrap. For the day. There's lots more to do, and we'll be filming throughout the fall and into winter, so I'll be sure to keep updating as we go.

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Rik Tod said...

Grrrr... looks like it was a fun time. Sorry I missed it. Say "Hi!" to Eric from me.