Monday, July 23, 2007


The Download is, I think, going to be a regular feature on this site. Just how regular I can't say yet. It's going to be a quick note or two that I jot down, usually just a random thought that I don't feel like expanding into a full-on rant or post. And sometimes it'll just be a goofy, silly idea or two.

I've come to the conclusion that Paris Hilton's popularity has less to do with attraction(I mean, she's obviously not physically attractive, unless you count that whole 'totally attainable, could pick her up at some sleazy bar' vibe) than with making ourselves feel better. People have held her up for perusal as proof that celebrities are awful people. We want to believe that money corrupts, that wealth and fame lead to absolute soullessness. It's a great lie we lower middle class citizens tell ourselves and each other to make ourselves feel better with our lot in life. And it's a great lie the wealthy like to perpetuate because it frees them of guilt. They aren't profiting while others suffer, why, they're martyrs!

I know I sound bitter, but really I'm not. Everyone wishes they had more money, and I'm no different, but I am pretty happy with my station in life. What bothers me is the so called 'cult of celebrity'. Paying so much attention to what a vacuous little socialite brat, a truly horrid little person, does merely because she has lots of money.

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