Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New years, New goals.

Man oh man! Has it really been over a month since my last blog post? Why yes it has. Moving on, no apologies. It's a brand new year, no time for looking back.

My little experiment in October failed, as you all saw. I was able to keep it going for a couple weeks, but the daily grind was too hard to keep up once I missed a day. This year I'm aiming for something MUCH more attainable. I'm not sharing that goal with you for my own reasons. Basically, I'll paraphrase Steve Martin from Grand Canyon; never tell people what you PLAN to do, it gives you a false sense of accomplishment, like you've actually done something when you haven't. Leads to many abandoned projects, which is something that's plagued me all my life.

So, rest assured Loyal Readers, I do have a schedule, and I will be keeping it this time. My first REAL post of the year is in development, although I'm not sure if it'll be this week or next week. Check back often, though. As you can tell, you just never know when I'll have something new up here.

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