Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rest in Peace

I was at work today, planning to post something about the new Bond film, when across the AP wire came the news that Robert Altman had died. This certainly isn't unexpected, he was getting up there in years, but it's still depressing. I'm not what one would call a devotee of Altman, and I'm certainly no expert, but I've always enjoyed his films and try my best to see whatever new he has coming out. It can be argued that he got into a groove with his films and stuck close to his formula of intertwined stories, star-studded ensembles, and famous overlapping dialogue. Look beyond those window dressings and you'll see that up until the last he was looking for new stories to tell, new genres to explore. Most famously Gingerbread Man, a thriller that he took on merely because he'd never made one before.

He has an enormous catalog of classics to look into, but it'll always be a shame that there are no more to look forward to.

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