Sunday, February 12, 2006

Random Thought of the Day

A little while back I read an interesting fact about IUDs. IUDs(IntraUteran Devices) are an evil sounding form of birth control that blocks the uterus and stops egg production. Anyway, the basis for the IUDs we use today came from ancient camel-herders, of all places. Apparently the camel herder would insert a rock into his camel's uterus to prevent pregnancies while on long trips.
Now, with all strange ideas, my first reaction to this bit of info was a series of questions to myself. Who was the first one to discover this? Why did he discover this? And how the hell did he tell the other camel herders without being laughed into exile? I like to imagine it went something like this(to avoid horrendous ethnic stereotypes I'm giving the camel herders hillbilly names, because stupid ideas are always funnier from hillbillies):
Bubba: Hey Billy Ray, nice lookin' herd of camels ya got there.
Billy Ray: Why thank you, Bubba, they are a nice herd of camels.
Bubba: And how is it that your so lucky that not one of them has gotten pregnant on your cross desert trips?
Billy Ray: Well, Bubba, I'll let you in on a little secret. I put a rock up my camel's vagina one time and couldn't get it out. Well sure enough, after that she stopped gettin' pregnant.
Bubba: .... what the hell were you doin' puttin' rocks in your camels vagina?
Billy Ray: .....
It occurs to me that that crazy catholic rule about not wasting any seed may not be so crazy after all. Maybe it was a perfectly natural way of getting away from some really crazy uses for crocodile dung.


Rik Tod said...

Oh, come on, Aaron. Everyone knows that hillbillies breed out of their asses.

They weren't just raping Ned Beatty in "Deliverance"; they thought he was "pert-near perfect" breedin' stock.

Must've been the titties...

Anonymous said...


Great blogs. Sorry I didnt get around to reading them for a whole week due to my slothfulness.

I love it that you still have 0 posts on your well written, insiteful and thoughtful (lengthy) blogs. Write about sticking a rock up a camels pussy - bam!


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